elizabeth hurleyLiz Hurley with her full name Elizabeth Jane Hurley was born 10 June 1965 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England and she is an English actress and model. She looks so good for her age.

Here you can read more about her workout and diet:

Elizabeth Hurley Workout Routine

Her workout routine includes a lot of cardio exercises, gym exercises such as squats and lunges, and resistance exercises, but using light weights (the heaviest weight is 5 lbs). Also, she makes a lot of reps during the exercises.

Elizabeth Hurley Diet Plan

She follows the David Kirsch Diet Plan that is a lifestyle diet which includes entirely philosophy called the “ABCDEF” diet. The name of the diet is every interesting and actually it’s an acronym which includes the first letters of drinks and food that you should avoid and they are: (A)lcohol, (B)read, starchy (C)arbs, (D)airy, (E)xtra sweet, and (F)ruits.

It’s not easy to begin the David Kirsch Diet, so it’s composed in 8 weeks plan that includes 3 different phases:

Phase No. 1 – it takes you from the initial 2 weeks of nutrition.
Phase No. 2 – in this phase, healthy carbohydrate latitude are allowed to you.
Phase No. 3 – which includes weekly cheat among, meals, and some other things.

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